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The word “Nostalgia” comes from the Greek “gnos” meaning “to know,” and “algan” meaning “the theme song to every Nickelodeon cartoon.”

Or something.

I don’t know, I’m not a linguist, all I know is that because of my age, the word “nostalgia” immediately calls to mind an absolute flood of 90’s pop culture and forgotten detritus. Bright neon colored everything and a myriad of high-tech toys that very nearly worked. It’s quite a world to get lost in anew, from time to time.

You can join me on such a journey right now with these twelve 90’s throwback memes!

12. Poster child

Somehow I never learned my lesson.

11. Hey, Arnold?

Poor football head.

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Makes you reconsider your manners

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10. To infinity

Our first taste of what a mental breakdown looks like.

9. How do you do, fellow kids?

Who let this guy in?

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8. Cartoon rules

Why try to improve on perfection?

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Nah just fully stocked mother ucka

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7. Sweeping the nation

The only show in history to make grabbing a bunch of canned beans seem exciting.

6. Stylin’

She knew what was up.

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Accurate! 😂

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5. Give it a sniff

Markers: not even once.

4. Sick burn

I still remember the smell of a new pack of CD-Rs. It was magical.

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Well… that makes us feel old…

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3. Classic Simpsons

Remember when this show was good?

2. Just around the river-bend

Ah, our favorite problematic Disney flick.

1. Shocking revelations

Slide into not being able to sit down for a week.

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But we survived.

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see if they still sell those frozen popsicle tubes that would cut up your mouth. I needs me a summer treat.

What else would you add to a list like this?

Tell us in the comments.