Memes are usually funny, but they don’t all make you actually laugh. Most of the time you might smile, nod, snort, giggle, or chuckle – but some really do make you lol, if just for a hot second.

We’re hoping these 12 memes are working hard enough to earn the real deal!

12. It’s the only logical explanation.

I mean, you know they’re back there on WebMD.

11. Her feet get cold, okay?

Just leave her and her ice feet alone!

10. I’m just bleeding from my ears it’s fine.

Just new country though. Old county rocks.

9. I have obviously been listening to the violin wrong my entire life.

I’ve never actually been a bagel, though.

8. Time to file a missing persons report.

I’ve seen you so many memes!

7. I mean sure, in theory…

All of us.

6. That face doesn’t even pretend to care.

You only live once!

5. It is kind of inspiring.

Now that’s some teamwork right there!

4. I plead the fifth.

Probably not… you’ll never catch me.

3. It’s one of very few perks.

I probably don’t have a future in that career.

2. Welp, time to start that new life you planned.

Can’t live that one down!

1. Bonus points if you order in a baritone.

Yeah kid!

I definitely laughed at a few of these! Okay, I actually laughed at all of them. Please don’t judge me. Or do… we’ll never meet.

Which was your favorite? Did you laugh out loud? Did you laugh inside your soul?

Share which one did it for you in the comments!