I don’t know why but I noticed on my Facebook feed today that a lot of people were asking for memes. Like, maybe in this strange day and age where little changes for most of us over the course of the week, we can at least count on the idea that fresh memes have entered our lives and the lives of loved ones, and that we will be able to share that bounty amongst ourselves.

And we can take comfort in that. And rejoice. For the day is new so long as the memes are new.


12. The great diagram

Those tricky little colors.

11. We are here!

That loud summer buzzing is literally hundreds and thousands of bugs trying to get laid.

10. Carry on

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with bird, and the word was bird. Bird was the word in the beginning.

9. Bear with me

It’s time to paws for reflection.

8. The great lie

I mean, I’m ALSO tired so it’s not too far afield.

7. Hot topics

Well what are you waiting for, sign me up!

6. Do it yourself

Weirdly depressingly inspirational.

5. Fair and square

The storms are coupling up and making new storms together but everything’s fine, we’re cool.

4. An absolute murder

It does sort of seem inevitable.

3. Cut it out

Given my culinary skills, these should all just say “finger.”


It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy.

1. Bean there, done that

I’m thinking about those beans.

Whatever this day or week has thrown at you, be glad, for it has also given you these memes.

What are your favorite kinds of memes to find?

Tell us in the comments.