Thank God for memes.

I mean, we’re all trying to understand ourselves. Better ourselves. Shape ourselves into the people we want to be. This could be achieved through methods of self-discovery ranging from therapy to meditation but also we could just send each other memes all day and I think the effect is more or less the same.

Here are some memes that express a lot of inner truth. So much so that we probably don’t need to delve any deeper.

See if they register with you!

12. I need my space

11. I live a rich inner-life

10. I’m very fair

9. My perception is clear

8. I prioritize well

7. I have good communication skills

6. I earn my rewards

5. I express myself well

4. I brought good into the world

3. I know how to compartmentalize

2. I am in control of my anger

1. I’m healthy

What wonderful affirmations! Memes really are the whole package!

What has endless hours of looking at memes taught YOU about yourself?

Tell us in the comments.