Hey. How are you. Just checking in. Are you doing ok? Are you getting enough memes? And also vitamins I guess?

I can’t really help you with the vitamins or the toilet paper or what not, but I can get you memes. Oh BOY can I get you memes.

So before you head off into whatever else you’ve got to do today, enjoy some nice memes that will make you happier, smarter, and taller.

12. Bae caught me shoppin’

11. And now I have a car

10. Screw that, be you

9. I do NOT bless you

8. The only way to go is up

7. Failing upward


5. And we LOVED IT

4. Porcelain Paralysis is real

3. Ope

2. He pleas for the cheese

1. SUPER social distancing

Whatever you’ve got on your plate for the rest of the day, we hope these memes have made it all feel a little bit better.

For real though, how are you?

Let’s talk in the comments.