Were you working on something? I mean, obviously you were. You look exhausted! You definitely need to take a break and look at some memes. A little rest and a few laughs will only make you more productive in the long run. Really, you’d be doing yourself and everyone around a disservice by NOT looking at these memes!

So, sit back, scroll down, and recharge your batteries with these random bits of internet. It’s for the greater good.

12. The big rock candy mountain

Why does nature have to be so full of delicious looking danger foods?


11. Blanket statement

Why get up when you can cuddle down?


10. Home statistics

We have our best people analyzing this data.

Source: someecards

9. Make a wish!

Maybe ending the era of spit pastry is for the best.

Source: someecards

8. Things are going grate

Only marginally more painful than the searing hot metal slides of my childhood.

Source: someecards

7. He seeks

What treasures do you hold for me, oh cold one?

6. Status update

Yup, everybody’s still terrible.

5. Over reaction


4. The letter of the law

You are technically correct, the best kind of correct.

3. A horse is a horse

Of course, of course.

2. Come on and SLAM

Were you raised in a barn?!

1. The old ways

Psh. I’ll just copy/paste.

There. Now you’re fully ready to reenter the workforce and become productive again. You’ve got memes to thank for that. God bless you, memes!

Where do the best memes come from?

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