There used to be some kind of idea out there that women aren’t funny (or aren’t as funny as men), but the advent of social media has proven what women have always known to be true – we’re f*cking hilarious.

The 10 ladies below are just the funniest of the funny. This week, anyway.

Enjoy all of this mess and I’ll see you after you’ve laughed your a** off.

10. Girl same.

Can’t we just start carting around suitcases? Would that be acceptable?

9. Fair?

I mean… I can f**k with some Takis, if you hear me.

8. This is the truest.

What about a site for this, please?

7. I mean one of them has Channing Tatum. Just saying.

But it’s probably that IG.

6. Props to everyone who listened and accepted.

It was well worth the wait.

5. Answer: it can’t.

It’s like a realistic Scooby Doo without the talking dog. For reals.

4. You do you bro.

I’m LOVING the vibe.

3. Good luck pretending not to hear THAT.

I’ve gotta try this trick, though.

2. Real life.

Sounds like must-see TV to me!

1. It’s funny but also I want this.

Can’t we all get along?

Ladies and gentlemen… if you didn’t have goals before… trying to be as funny as these gals could be a new high water mark to set, yeah?

Listen, we all can’t be funny, but at least we can try. I can juggle. That’s about the extent of my talent.

What about you? Which one of these tweets did you laugh at the most? Have a funny thought you want to share?

Let us know in the comments!