Hold onto your hat, because things are about to get steamy in here.

Actually, maybe just take the hat off, because we’re about to dive into sexy time, and what kind of weirdo wears a hat during sexy time? Probably the kind of weirdos who made these memes, I guess. You know what? Keep the hat. It suits you.

Let’s get down to business with these very sexy and not at all dumb memes. [Warning: there’s no nudity or anything, but these are still NSFW.]

12. The launch sequence

Hey, it’s an involuntary reaction.

11. Getting boned

I think they were probably just trying to decide where to eat.

10. Get that cake

Cool, now I’ll never be hungry or frisky ever again, thanks.

9. Freak in the sheets

There’s not a single joke I can make about this that my editor won’t delete.

8. Meet the meat

“The less I know about other people’s affairs, the happier I am.”

7. Making the grade

This is the kind of light touch you gotta approach these situations with.

6. Come as you are

The c[l]ock is ticking.

5. Self-love

Yeah, that’s the excuse I give when I get caught too.

4. Super stamina

I’ve seen this raw strength only once before.

3. True tests

But are you gonna be the father?

2. Tender loving care

It’s either that or a helmet, I guess.

1. At odds

My how the turn tables have…

We’re all probably just a little too hot under the collar now, so we’ll leave things there and let you cool off. Was it good for you?

What’s the sexiest meme of them all?

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