You never really know what kinds of secrets people are hiding, do you?

You might think you know someone and then, boom!, out of nowhere they surprise you with some crazy true story about things that went down in their life.

These people shared 100% true stories that happened to them that might sound fabricated, but definitely are not.

1. Meeting a legend.

2. Together forever.

3. That’s The Terminator!

4. That’s pretty bad.

5. Got peed on.

6. Wrestling lovers unite!

7. Demolition derby.

8. Moms always know.

9. That sounds like one hell of a story.

10. You look familiar…

11. Okay…that’s odd.

12. And you lived to tell the tale.

Jeez, some of those sound way too weird to be true. But they are!

Have you ever had any really interesting things happen to you that people found hard to believe?

Share them with us in the comments! Let’s see what you got!