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Relationships are hard. No one doubts it, and another thing that’s true? Sometimes it’s hard to see whether or not something is working – or worth saving – from the inside.

But sometimes, even if you know a relationship is bad, you stay anyway.

If you’ve wondered why people do this, well, they have a bunch of different reasons.

12. Maybe being alone is better?

11. For the kids is one of the more noble reasons.

10. That will work until you’re older…

9. You’ve identified the problem. Good.

8. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

7. As some kind of penance?

6. What about the pain of being together?

5. It’s just another way of controlling you.

4. If that’s enough to keep you going…

3. I hope it keeps being worth it.

2. Time to find your ten seconds of courage.

1. I think you’re probably still alone, though.

As someone who stayed way too long with a controlling, emotionally abusive man, I can relate.

Have you ever stayed too long in a relationship? Share your reasons with us in the comments, if you feel comfortable!