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Everyone knows someone they’d never mess with, no matter the day or subject, but it can be hard to assess that quality in strangers.

So, here’s your warning – these 12 people are just not to be trifled with, even on a day when you’re feeling like you can handle anything.

They will knock you down.

12. That’s…odd and aggressive.

11. I kind of hope my kids get a teacher like this, honestly.

10. That should put an end to that.

9. This is how most women feel about their fabric scissors, tbh.

8. Stone cold.

7. Somebody definitely belongs on that stage.

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6. He should give little brother lessons.

5. I mean what do you expect her to do?

4. Find a new name.

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3. Well, okay then.

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2. Father of the year?

1. She had a choice to make.

Some of these people are goals, honestly.