Texas is a whole thing of its own, but truth be told, Los Angeles has it’s own quirks, too.

Even though they’re each unique, the two places are like night and day – a fact that these 12 images should 100% solidify in your mind.

12. This picture could have been taken anywhere in the Midwest, but yeah. Not in L.A.

It really do be like this from texas

11. There’s a LOT of space in between those places.

The 5 horsemen of the apocalypse from texas

10. L.A. gas stations bring you high prices and dirty bathrooms…

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9. While in Texas, you feel like you’re pulling into a five-star gas-pumping resort.

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The sunrise towards something amazing is about to happen, all you need is to believe in yourself. . • . • . • #believe #sunrise #beautiful #bucees #peace #clouds #sky #colors #moodygrams #reflections #shadows #hdr #shotoniphone

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8. Fashion in LA is meant to make a person really think…

Average day at 7th Street Metro station from LosAngeles

7. But the clothes in TX can make you think, too…even if they didn’t do it on purpose.

Day 1 in Texas and I saw this. I am not disappointed from texas

6. L.A. poppies are to die for…

This one is actually in LA County. The poppies in the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve are starting to wake up. from LosAngeles

5. But the bluebonnets in Texas are a way of life.

My Field Of Bluebonnets from texas

4. The traffic in L.A. drives people to comment constantly via license plate.

Saw this absolute hero on the freeway this morning. from LosAngeles

3. And Texas just inspires people in general.

New license plates, y’all! from texas

2. Maybe you’d see this on a movie set in L.A….if the movie was about Texas.

Just a horse in the Sonic drive through from pics

1. I mean idk I’ve seen too much roadkill in Texas to believe people slow down for hares.

This friendly hare decided to escort us for a couple of miles in this dark country road around Carta Valley, TX from texas

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