Texas is a whole thing of its own, but truth be told, Los Angeles has it’s own quirks, too.

Even though they’re each unique, the two places are like night and day – a fact that these 12 images should 100% solidify in your mind.

12. This picture could have been taken anywhere in the Midwest, but yeah. Not in L.A.

It really do be like this
byu/Ia_croix intexas

11. There’s a LOT of space in between those places.

The 5 horsemen of the apocalypse
byu/Mi5ki intexas

10. L.A. gas stations bring you high prices and dirty bathrooms…

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9. While in Texas, you feel like you’re pulling into a five-star gas-pumping resort.

8. Fashion in LA is meant to make a person really think…

Average day at 7th Street Metro station
byu/sfvbritguy inLosAngeles

7. But the clothes in TX can make you think, too…even if they didn’t do it on purpose.

Day 1 in Texas and I saw this. I am not disappointed
byu/I_Have_A_Chode intexas

6. L.A. poppies are to die for…

This one is actually in LA County. The poppies in the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve are starting to wake up.
byu/PincheVatoWey inLosAngeles

5. But the bluebonnets in Texas are a way of life.

My Field Of Bluebonnets
byu/MentalWho intexas

4. The traffic in L.A. drives people to comment constantly via license plate.

Saw this absolute hero on the freeway this morning.
byu/IAlreadyToldYouMatt inLosAngeles

3. And Texas just inspires people in general.

New license plates, y’all!
byu/ericexplorestheworld intexas

2. Maybe you’d see this on a movie set in L.A….if the movie was about Texas.

Just a horse in the Sonic drive through
by inpics

1. I mean idk I’ve seen too much roadkill in Texas to believe people slow down for hares.

This friendly hare decided to escort us for a couple of miles in this dark country road around Carta Valley, TX
byu/christianbsv intexas

I’ve just saved you a visit, haven’t I?

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