There are people, I assume, who go about their daily lives and business without a care in the world, who don’t spend half of their evenings going back over their interactions for the day and wondering if they really went as well as they could have.

People who make decisions and move on, who are never paralyzed by all of the options.

If you are not those people, consider yourself an over-thinker – and these 12 pictures are just for you.

12. It’s all about how I feel in the moment.

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11. Why is eye-contact so hard?

Aye, contact sucks
byu/fizbanZA insocialanxiety

10. Definitely not because you ate too much bread with dinner.

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9. Maybe it just sounded weird in your head (but probably not).

8. You’re saying this doesn’t happen to everyone?

7. Only 8 hours later?

6. Heaven forbid THEY feel awkward.

That be me
byu/qsauce6 insocialanxiety

5. Will they REALLY forget it, though?

Thanks brain, very cool
byu/Erasertron insocialanxiety

4. Why is this so accurate though?

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3. Anxiety is such an a**hole.

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2. It’s called being prepared, okay?

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1. Welp, so much for that friendship.

I definitely fall into this category, so man, these pictures really hit some uncomfortable nails on the head!

Do you over think things? If you don’t, please share with us what life is like from the other side?

If you do, well…tell me which picture was your favorite.