There are a lot of pros and cons to living in our always-connected world. With greater ease of instant communication comes more of a chance that we’re going to accidentally misuse it; like, say, sending your boss a text ABOUT your boss that you MEANT to send to your girlfriend and now you’re not sure if you’re still going to have a job tomorrow. Oops.

I need some kind of app that asks me if I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE I meant to send my message to certain contacts. We all need it.

Here are 13 examples of exactly why we all need it.

12. Can’t handle it

Why would you text this to your boss?

11. Love is love

Clearly someone hasn’t read the handbook on office romance.

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10. A reasonable request

Did you mean to say that?

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9. Sass

I’m gonna need some popcorn to watch whatever happens after this.

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8. Sick of your cr*p

Some details maybe don’t need to be shared with anyone at all.

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7. Don’t show weakness

Look we’re all thinking it but don’t say it out loud.

6. Texts from last night

Texting your boss should require a breathalyzer.

5. Self-evaluation

It’s always worse when there are pictures involved.

4. An adorable mess

Who could possibly be offended by this?

3. Happy birthday?

I don’t know who’s in the wrong here but it’s all-around miserable.

2. Party time

Hold on, why does your boss call you “Peewee?”

1. Behind your back

I wouldn’t count on that vacation.

Let this be a cautionary tale to us all. Maybe change your boss’ name in your contacts to just “CAREFUL!”

Have you ever done something like this?

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