A lot of people have their favorite story about the time they ran into a celebrity. But probably not many of them proudly tell the story of the time they ran their mouth off without realizing who they were talking to and got burned.

When it happens IRL, we have to rely on reports from those who experienced the interaction. When it happens online, the embarrassing message in question usually ends up getting deleted. But sometimes, out of either negligence or a simple acceptance of their fate, they’ll leave their infamy intact for all to see.

Enjoy this gallery of 10 times people had no idea who they were talking to.

12. “You a good skater?”

Tony Hawk is literally the most famous skate boarder in history.

11. “The title hasn’t been announced yet”

Dude apparently didn’t realize he was talking to the official Star Wars Twitter account.

10. “An old white male’s mansplanation.”

Ed Solomon wrote Men in Black (and a bunch of other movies).

9. “You’re pretty good”

Meredith Strömberg is a stand up comedian.

This is apparently the joke in question, btw:

8. “Get bent, Cleese.”

John Cleese is…well, everything he mentions here.

7. “hey cool shirt!”

Mark Hoppus is the bassist/co-lead vocalist for Blink 182.


6. “Here for the conference?”

David Chilton is a finance author.

5. “Stick to feminism”

Mona Eltahawy is a journalist and social commentator.

4. “I came across your music”

Annie Lennox is a 4-time Grammy winning artist.

3. “Instantly becomes a political expert”

Tom Morello, in addition to being a member of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, also has a degree in Social Studies from Harvard.

2. “Who’s lab are you in?”

Linda Columbus is a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

1. “Oh, thanks.”

Mara Wilson is the actress who played Matilda.

If you happen to run into someone famous or noteworthy, here’s hoping you get like, a nice picture out of it, instead of an embarrassing story.

What’s your big celebrity citing story? Did it go well for you?

Tell us in the comments.