English is hard, even if you’re a native speaker. Sometimes, the right word just won’t come – or, you’ve only heard it and never seen it spelled, maybe?

I don’t know. I’m just trying to give these 12 people the benefit of the doubt.

When really, they just could have used Google.

12. Sometimes we all need a hug.

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11. I love that Google figured it out.

10. Eh, close enough.

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9. He was jus trying out something new!

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8. Gonna go watch the back of my eyelids.

7. Yes. Yes I did.

Ah yes, enslaved calcium from wildbeef

6. Too late.

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5. He made someone’s day at the factory.

4. Okay just stop.


3. “Bird leaf” seems like the right word, honestly.

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2. That’s a great nickname if I’ve ever seen one.

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1. An apt description if I’ve ever seen one.

Stringy water vegetable from wildbeef

Some of these made me snort out loud!

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