They say you never really have to grow up.

That’s not technically true of course, you definitely have to grow up. It’s just a thing your body and your surrounding reality are gonna do. BUT growing up doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.

In that spirit, we hope you’ll enjoy this gallery of folks who never let being a grown up take away the kid in them.

12. Oopsie

The shade is real. So is that lid.

11. Don’t inflate his ego

*Jurassic Park theme plays*

10. Child at heart

The market forces are strong with these ones.

9. Elevate & exterminate

Hooman, I need boosts.

8. Law & Oder

*dun dun* *pht pht*

7. It’s the thought that counts

How do you get in a situation with spiders and bees, but your deck is the danger?

6. Pip Pip, Cheerio

This baby’s life is peaking too early.


Pop goes the train schedule.

4. Doc Ock Returns

With great power comes no responsibility.

3. Good boi centaur

Yes, this is dog-man.

2. My relationship is really into labels

Don’t want any confusion, now.

1. Remember Left Shark?

The thrill of the gill.

If you’re stressed out today, go do something dumb. I mean, like, fun dumb. Not prison dumb. Please. We don’t want to see you go to prison because some post about memes told you to do something dumb.

But in that spirit… what’s the most child-like thing you’ve done recently?

Tell us about it in the comments. Now!