When I was in high school, I worked my butt all the way off to maintain straight A’s. As far as I can remember I never got less than an A- overall in a class.

It was a private high school with fairly rigorous standards and my self-imposed striving for perfection was absolutely brutal.

Then I went to college and got a C in my very first English class.

Why? To this day I don’t know, but it was liberating. Because in that moment, perfection was no longer attainable, and with that burden finally gone, I was able to relax a little into the experience, and realize that forever after, literally nobody would care about my GPA.

You learn lots of stuff like that once you actually get to college. Stuff like this:

12. Coffee is more important than anything else

And it will always make you late.

11. Group projects are still awful

There will always be only one person in the group who cares. Pray that person is not you.

10. It’s mostly self-teaching

The thing you’re really paying for is enforced deadlines to learn things by.

9. There’s no parking

Campuses that are not in big cities pretend they have city transit for some reason and it makes no sense.

8. You won’t find anything in your first semester

By year three you’ll discover a room with a pool table you never knew existed.

7. Nobody cares about your ACT score

Your mom is proud and that’s literally it.

6. You will experience post-skip depression

You build yourself up telling yourself it’s fine and in fact good to skip, then the guilt hits.

5. Your standards will change

Because you’ll realize it doesn’t matter a heck of a lot.

4. You will have a favorite seat

And it will get weird when you can’t nab it.

2. It’s a train wreck

Things like this will just happen and there will be no accounting for them.


1. Teachers aren’t supposed to be enemies

Any that present themselves that way are doing it wrong.


Best of luck, students!

What’s your school experience been like?

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