If I could choose just one relic to preserve for the aliens to find after humanity has killed itself off, it would be the servers that house all the Tumblr stuff. The insane mishmash of content and human creativity on that site seems as good a digital tome as any to pass onto those who might be curious to see what people were all about, and I’m the one making this decision in my entirely made-up scenario so I choose Tumblr.

Here are 12 random posts that might make good candidates to inform the alien beings of our long-gone culture.

12. Avenge me

Even in death I’m gonna put up a fight.


11. Mommy pig

I really hope this person doesn’t have kids now.


10. Heed the beebs

We really just need to start over with this garbage language.


9. Keep it going

This is poetry in motion.


8. Ah ha!

This post is really getting away from me.


7. Watch it grow

Look what’s possible through a little human cooperation.


6. Palindrome

A skeleton wrote this post.


5. Phantom pains

Both hypothesis are equally valid.


4. Eat ’em up

When good intentions go bad.


3. The way of the future

What a time to be alive.


2. Thumbing through the pages

I think you got the wrong book.


1. Caught on tape

Honestly, good for you.


I think it’s pretty safe to say that those are all proper representations of the human race and what we’re all about. We can now go ahead and destroy ourselves with peace of mind, knowing we won’t be forgotten, thanks to the wonderful Humans of Tumblr.

What posts would you want the aliens to see?

Tell us in the comments.