There’s nothing better than having an awesome pet.

Actually, let me correct that. There’s nothing better than having an awesome pet who also provides hilarious entertainment for you to post on social media so you can gain the approval of the entire world.

Here are 12 times pets granted their masters the most hilarious moments they could hope for.


1. Silence!

2. Slow down kids!

3. Sorry, that’s TOO much cat

4. That laugh!

5. Perfect narration

6. Seal of approval!

7. Lose some weight, kitty!

8. Think she’s doing it on purpose?

9. Perfection

10. kthxbai

11. All hail!

12. You’ll never live this down!

Best. Twitter. List. Ever.

Which ones were your faves? Let us know in the comments! Because we know you’re going to anyway…