The new school year is upon us, and while parents everywhere are thrilled to send their kiddos back to the classroom, their tireless, dedicated teachers are probably dragging their feet just a little. I mean, vacations are hard to come back from, right?

With a new year comes countless new opportunities for humor, and these 12 teachers started the semester off on point!

12. This is exactly why the parents are dying to get them out of the house, by the way.

11. You’ve almost…made…it.

10. Wait…why not?

9. A beautiful poem to convey a feeling felt all through the land.

8. This guy’s Twitter handle is just about the best thing ever.

7. All the talking or the virus they already contracted…you decide.

6. She’s all for individuality, but there’s got to be a line somewhere.

5. They get more refined and really nailed down in the weeks to come.

4. Important question: will there by wine and also brownies?

3. If only the other drivers could pretend to listen just like their students.

2. Humor isn’t the only way to get through the day, but it’s one of the better legal choices.

1. Just as cute as those exhausted kiddos at the end of the day? You decide.

Enjoy the year, teacher friends! Because it’s going to be loooooonnnnnng one.

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