Ladies, I really think you’ve got a leg up on us guys when it comes to being funny. Because you all have to deal with SOOO much more bullsh^t than us. Like A LOT more.

Naturally, when life gives you lemons… you tweet that lemonade Beyonce!

Here are 12 on point examples of why women are the funniest s^x of all…

1. Thirsty is as thirsty does…

2. Looks like you gunna break some sh^t then..

3. Zigga Zigga AHHHHH

4. I don’t know… I think you’re okay…

5. Just one more bag of candy…

6. Oh snap!

7. They do last forever.

8. Just let me hoe it up, PLS!

9. Why is ANYBODY married??

10. I don’t like the sound of that…

11. Somebody needs some LUV

12. Not as easy as it looks…

See? I was right.

Not that I always think I’m right.

I’m often wrong.

Just ask my girlfriend.

She’ll tell you.

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