If you’ve ever had one of THOSE days and you need to renew your faith in the world, well, we’re here for you!

Twitter is full of cynicism and rancor, but not these tweets! They’re happy and joyful and full of love.

It’s time to have your faith in humanity restored… one awesome tweet at a time!

1. Gee whiz that’s cute!!

Give that good boi ALL the food!

2. **sniff** I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Okay, I am crying.

3. The right priorities…

Pancakes or you’re OUT!

4. Kenyans! Am I right?

There’s just something about people from another country.


5. Flawless victory!

Mr. Fart… you have been bested!

6. The best dog shirt!

She wears it like a champ!

7. The RIGHT way to text with your kids

Ahhhhhh! My heart!


8. BFFs foreva!

This is possibly the cutest thing ever.

9. My heart is bursting!

It’s so amazing to see stories like this!


10. This is OTTERly adorable!

Family is family!


11. Best. Piñata. Ever.

You know, he’s part of the family now.

12. OMG! This maid!

For. The. Win.


13. The best florist ever???

I love to see people being awesome!

14. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Somebody actually bought a seat for that?

15. The smallest things…

… are sometimes the best.


16. What a kind gesture!

Love this!

17. Best BFFs!!

This story!

I mean… is your faith in humanity restored or what? These posts always make me feel sooooo good.


Alright, it’s time to sound off in the comments about what you’re thankful for. Plenty of things in this world should be celebrated.

Do it in the comments! We want to hear from you!