Have you ever tried being a vegan?

It can actually be kind of tough. Because it means a lot of VERY tasty foods are now off limits.

Like… honey is off limits. Yeah, no honey because it hurts bees. It’s a thing!

So in the spirit of making fun of things that we barely understand… have yourself a good laugh at these 12 vegan memes and be thankful you’re not one of them.

1. Did you know that steak sauce has no steak in it? Vegan friendly y’all!

2. Um, where do you think eggs come from?

3. Foiled again by that pesky powdered dairy!

4. Must…resist…

5. Hmmm…

6. So beautiful.

7. Well well well…

8. Spoiler alert: YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @scrowder

9. Muahahaha!

10. Good hummus is hard to find.

11. It’s a lose-lose.

12. I’m more than just a label!

Now, go share this with your vegan friends! We’re sure they won’t appreciate them at all!


Okay, we kid. They should find them funny if they have any kind of sense of humor. But these are vegans we’re talking about.