Some tweets are just funny, and others are funny because they’re true – but these 11 comments on Boomer culture are both. Because there’s no funnier (or easier) group to make fun of than Boomers.

And the best part? They don’t care. Because they’ve got all the money and property. So they’re good.

Yes, these tweets are funny, they’re true, they’re well-timed, and they’re relevant. All of the major components of delicious comedy!

What more could you ask for from 280 characters?!

Let’s take a look!

1. Who cares about the whales, what about ME?

2. They make their own rules

3. Wait, we’re not supposed to use those?

4. Seriously, nobody cares anymore…

5. I am cringing just thinking about it

6. And also complaining that your kids live at home when they can’t pay off said college

7. It was an accident!

8. Just people who pay for coffee in general

9. I wonder how many times a day the employees there stop from rolling their eyes

10. Everything is supposed to be fair hahahaha

11. That’s how you get a good deal, son!

I haven’t have a chance to say “Ok, Boomer” in real life yet, but I can’t wait for that moment! I wonder when it’ll happen. Should I go to the mall and hang out? Is that where you can actually run into these people? Let me know because I want to do it soon.

So… now the question is… how do you feel about this whole Boomer v. Millennial thing?

Drop your thoughts in the comments!