Women are not a monolith, and our experiences with being pregnant run the gamut, as well. What one woman considers a beautiful, satisfying experience might literally almost kill the next woman, and I would guess that the majority of experience fall somewhere in between.

A few women, though, claim to be absolutely addicted to the experience and the entire process, front to back.

If that seems foreign to you, you’re not alone – and if you’re curious what makes women feel like this, these 12 ladies are spilling the tea below.

12. It can be a hard transition.

I think it’s normal to struggle with saying “I’m done.”

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11. The undercurrent of this is quite sad.

I hope she finds a way to feel important for just herself.

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10. This doesn’t sound quite healthy.

Open and honest dialogues, people!

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9. It’s good we have people like this.

So that people who want to be parents have the chance.

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8. I had no idea that was a thing.

Interesting, but I feel like it could be replicated another way.

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7. She’s being sensible.

But she really would rather not!

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6. There’s no way to replicate¬†that.

The eating whatever you want isn’t a bad thing, either.

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5. It’s really an amazing experience.

Aches and pains and all.

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4. All the time seems excessive.

I was definitely always ready for a break.

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3. There’s something magical about those little kicks.

But I was always ready to be done, too.

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2. Wow, think of all those families she’s helped.

And she loves it, too, so it’s mutually beneficial.

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1. They say you know when you’re done.

And for some people, that’s when nature says they’re done.

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I honestly can’t really imagine, but that’s the point of these posts, right?

Did you love being pregnant? Hate it? Would you do it again? Let’s all spill our guts in the comments!