Mother Nature has filled this world with some pretty strange sights. When we come across these oddities, all we can do is admire them and share them with others so they can be in awe like us.

The following 12 pictures contain some of nature’s most remarkable wonders.

1. This looks like an iguana head, but it’s really a rock.

Photo Credit: Reddit: vapingbull

2. These two-faced animals.

3. A chameleon shedding its skin.

Photo Credit: Reddit: ZuzusEars

4. Panda Picasso.

Photo Credit: Reddit: gaydotaer

5. Sequoias never cease to amaze us.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: OKOSGLAZA

6. A baby dragon!

7. “My dog’s nose is healing from a cat scratch.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: xsited1

8. This baby falcon weighs less than a bar of chocolate.

9. Hitching a ride on a friend.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Secksay

10. This waterfall is shaped like a woman wearing a dress.

11. A rare black serval cat.

12. These mountains, totally hidden by smoke.

Awesome, right?