Well, this is certainly going to be a fight to the death.

But let’s clear this up now… Dunkin’ Donuts > Starbucks.

There’s no comparison. But let’s compare anyway.

  • Does Dunkin’ coffee taste burnt? No.
  • Is Dunkin’ coffee cheaper? Yes.
  • Does Starbucks have donuts? No.

So yeah, let’s all point and laugh at these unfortunate souls…

13. What?

12. You’re a scientist of lies!

11. Don’t call me crazy! I’m not CRAZY!!!!

10. Half right

9. Why do you like bad things?

8. Not a big thinker either, I see…

7. You’re 8000% wrong

6. He got lucky

5. Good story pal

4. Well, at least you’re admitting you’ve got a problem…

3. You apparently don’t know how to live

2. Everyone: Make us

1. Oh, that upsets you? Not your wrong opinion?

Also, what is a Starbucks? NOBODY really knows.

Game. Set. Match. —-> Dunkin’ Donuts.