2020 has been the year that a lot of us have tried to up our culinary skills. Or in my case…try to find any at all to begin with. It’s been an interesting journey, but not an easy one. Of course, there are always plenty of people on Twitter musing about anything and everything that’s going on with them, and our various collective food and cooking misadventures are no exception.

Here are 14 great food tweets to make you confident enough to slap Gordon Ramsey right in the face.

13. Cook down

I can’t see the forest for all the…forest that isn’t there anymore.

12. Double down

I feel like this started when somebody just burned bread and claimed it was a new invention.

11. Ripe for parody

Your timing must be impeccable.

10. AvocaNO

You thought bananas were bad?

9. On a knife’s edge

Let it lean if you don’t wanna clean.

8. Saber the flavor

Then J.J. Abrams pops back in and tells me I never had a microwave.

7. The salsa dance

I’ve still got a chip on my shoulder about it.

6. Bag body building

Do you even lift produce, bro?

5. Realizations

I still want takeout though.

4. Netflix and fill

Gotta have that crunch.

3. Appetizer overkill

Stop making me think about how gross the things I love are.


2. A grove of cloves

Gotta keep the flavor in and the vampires out.


1. Time frames

Something about this just doesn’t add up.

Reading these tweets may not have made us all world-class chefs but at least now we know how to cook up a spicy meme. And that’s close, right?

What have your adventures in cooking been like lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.