If you’ve got a puppers at home, you know they want and deserve pets for dayyyyyyyyys. These 13 dogs have definitely earned all of your attention with their cuteness and sweetness and earnestness.

All the nesses. Just see for yourself.

13. No one can say you didn’t nail the caption.

12. Not only do I let the dog sleep on the bed, but…


11. Mistakes were made.

10. Everyone needs a good rain hat.


9. He loves who he loves.


8. Staff photo!

7. This could not be more wholesome.

6. There is not one single thing wrong with these pictures.

5. These are the kind of dogs who also get so much attention at home, too.

4. I don’t think your dog approved these photos.

3. Now that’s the kind of jack in the box I can get behind!

2. Sweetie just needed a bit of reassurance!


1. Family dinner is for family so I don’t see the problem.


I’ve got my scratching fingers ready, how about you?

How do you reward your dog on his or her great days? Let us know in the comments!