From May 21st to June 21st, the Geminis come out of hiding and show their true colors and let those fre*k flags fly!

Especially on Twitter…

Here are 13 Gemini jokes that my twinsy family will get, and everybody else will have to just suffer through.

Let’s go!

13. Geminis taking over….

12. Hey! I know you!

11. We coming for you!

10. We just want to watch the world burn… slowly…

9. We all want to be remembered for SOMETHING…

8. Oh really? That’s nice. What’s for lunch?

7. Those 31 days are gonna seem like 3,100.

6. Get lit!

5. Twins!

4. Nail biting season is upon us…

3. I’m nice tho!

2. Just leave us alone, okay?

1. Oh, things gonna get interesante!

Good luck other signs… we coming for ya!