You ever get the creepy feeling that you’re being watched? Or followed? I mean, aside from the various electronics we all use all day every day that follow and document our lives? I’m talkin’ good old-fashioned creeper stalking. It’s more common than you might think.

Take this thread, for instance. Started by user sybaritic_footstool on r/AskReddit with the following prompt:

Men of reddit, what’s your “creepy girl” story?
byu/sybaritic_footstool inAskReddit

There are thousands of stories, but one common theme that comes up a lot is stalkers. Here are just 13 of those chilling tales, with titles you can add if you’re telling them around the campfire.

1. The Fire Starter

I was bored once at a small, local festival and didn’t want to be there so I just got a drink and started walking around aimlessly when I noticed a fire-breather.

The display was interesting and she was pretty hot, when she was on break she went to get a drink and we started talking.

She seemed nice, we had a laughed but her break was up and she resumed her display so I left her to it and continued to wander around.

5 mins later security was called to her display…

Turns out some crazy girl whom I had never met before was following me around the festival and assaulted the fire breather, she had claimed that we (me & crazy) were together and firebreather was trying to break us up.

– Forethought-47

2. I Knew Where You Lived Last Summer

Met a girl online, we chat and setup a date. Date goes fine she’s a little weird, a little sheltered but seems nice. Not much chemistry but I think that can take some time so we give it another go have a second date. Confirm I have no interest in a relationship with this girl on the second date so we talk it out no hard feelings let’s be friends.

Fast forward 1.5 years I’m in my kitchen with some friends getting ready to go out for my birthday dinner when we hear a knock on the door.

I go check and no one is there but there is a box with my name on it. There is a card and some gifts which would be nice if this girl had ever been to my house before. I had moved since our two dates and still have no idea how she found me.

– IfYouGotBeef

3. There Goes the Neighborhood

I was accused of this. My husband and I moved and we happened to buy in a neighborhood that adjoined the one my ex and his new wife bought. Weird.

Many years and many children later we moved further away. Guess who lives across the street? It was mildly weird until his wife and I met at the mailboxes one day and talked. Now our kids are friends and ride bikes and play basketball and such.

– ElephantOfSurprise-

4. It Follows

In elementary school there was a new Spanish girl who had a crush on me and would literally be nonstop staring at me and following me.

Me and my friends tested it. In class they would look and see she’d be staring at me. In recess we went to the very far corner of the field and she followed, so I went back to the school wall and she followed, so I told the teachers and they finally got her to stop following me.

She disappeared a few days later. Nobody knew where she went.

– WirelessTrees

5. The Camper

This girl followed me home after a date and stayed outside my house and when I came out the next morning and acted like it was Sooooooooo funny we bumped into each other……

I told her I well call the cops and she ran.

– mister_fuckinweebUWU

6. A Way Through

There was this girl who was a freshman when I was a senior. I had heard of her through friends and I met her once or twice. I guess she developed a crush on me. A mutual friend told me that she thought I liked her and I said it was a misunderstanding and that I was only interested in being friends. Next thing I know this girl is showing up at my work multiple times a shift and when I go to sit out at my car on break she would come up and try to talk to me if I had my windows down.

She was transferred to a school for people with problems and there she would take peoples phones and try to call me, text me, or message me on social media. Eventually they stopped giving her access to technology and the texts stopped. With the recent coronavirus and the closing of every school in my state.

This girl was sent back to live with her dad and I saw her in my store the other day, i don’t think she saw me and I hope she has moved on.

– AnonymousWriter3250

7. Bases Loaded

In fifth grade she lived like a few houses away and could see me in my backyard from her window.

While I played baseball out back she videoed me and even hired her friend to record and talk to me a bunch shudder

– NinjaDom0105

8. Power Tripping

My first legitimate relationship was with a super clingy girl that knew way too much about my house after only being there like 3 times. Parents were out of town and we were sitting in the hot tub when the power died. She said “oh you probably need to just reset the breaker, it’s in the laundry room on the left wall labeled ‘hot tub’.”

I’m like “how the fuck do you know that?”

She got nervous and was like “uhhh I dunno.”

I broke up with her after she started telling her family that we’re spending the rest of our lives together and saying stuff like

“When we get a house…” “When we have kids…” “When we get a dog….”

I met her on a dating app and only knew her for 3 months, but started showing all the creepy symptoms after 1. 1 month

– meexley2

9. The Visit

About ten weird girls I didn’t know started sending me really creepy snapchats, – “we’re coming to visittttt” that kind of stuff, then they turned up outside my house and I didn’t know how, but they stayed there for a couple hours before getting bored when I didn’t come out.

They also sent me weird photos of my family they took.

Turns out they used snap maps off a friend to get my address and stalked my dad on his way to work.

Absolute creeps

– Taz5768

10. Drive Bye

I was once someone’s “creepy girl” story.

Basically I used to drive by my boyfriend at the time (and even when he was my ex)’s house and sometimes drop in unexpectedly to say hi for a few minutes and then leave. At least once he saw me go by and not stop. I just waved.

He legitimately thought (and asked if) I might have been stalking him. I was too embarrassed to let him know that the only other route to my girl friend’s house had a roundabout and one-ways that I didn’t know how to navigate.

– urinalcakewhatinthef

11. Running In

Around February I started talking to a girl. She came across as really nice, and we hung out a couple of times. After about a week she seemed to need way more attention. She’d double, triple text if I wasn’t responding in an hour.

I worked at a department store, which is how we met. She started showing up to talk when I was working. At first it was just once a week, so it didn’t bother me. After a little while she’d begin showing up nearly everyday and hanging around for hours. The weird thing is, I hadn’t told her my work schedule.

I finally figured it out when she “ran into me” at a restaurant with my family. After that, I was creeped out. Never spoke to her again.

As it turns out, she was stalking me on the Snapchat map to figure out where I was when I wasn’t texting her back.

– Eliminator54

12. The Insatiable

Dated a gal for a while in my early 20s. She was my first regular sexual partner. Turns out she was a bit of a nympho, I was young and really rose to the occasion, there was no way I was going to disappoint my first. I gave so much that I let myself get overly tired, got mono and spent a week in the hospital.

I broke up with her after that. She got drunk at parties and told people about how amazing the sex had been (I’m not bragging, it was stupid…all the damned time) and how she’ll never find anyone else that can do that for her.

She also stalked me for about a year. She would show up when I left work, when I turned and aisle in the grocery store, when I ate at a local restaurant, when going in or out of my apartment. Left me notes, phone messages, etc.

she finally gave up…but it was about a year before she quit trying to get back with me.

– calis

13. Decades

Was in high school, saw a really quiet girl who kept to herself. I felt bad because I had been that shy at one time. Struck up a conversation and she seemed odd but decent. Slowly over time she got weirder and weirder until she showed me her “art book” that was full of pictures of me, my name written all over the place, and pictures of my friends with their faces X’d out. She ended up stalking me relentlessly, calling my phone nonstop for weeks, she left tons of voicemails when I stopped answering that varied from apologizing to hating me for not answering. That was in 2001.

I ran into her again accidentally, at her work, in 2011. She immediately rushed over and started interrogating me. It was a fast food place, I left my food and never went back. Figured surely that was the end of it.

Nope, 2017 I signed up for jujitsu classes. After a few weeks I added some people from the class that I enjoyed to my facebook. Apparently one of them was her uncle, which caused her to almost immediately (within 10 minutes of him accepting the friend request) start messaging and cyberstalking me. Guess who suddenly became VERY interested in jujitsu? She did. I dropped out of the class. It’s been 3 years since I’ve seen her, I’m pretty sure I’m due for another run in sometime in the next 2-4 years.

– joshuabeebe

If we’ve learned one thing from these stories, it’s that you NEED TO LOOK CAREFULLY AT YOUR SNAPCHAT LOCATION SHARING SETTINGS.

Do you have a tale like this?

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