As long as you’re not the one who committed one (and no one got hurt), a fail is a pretty hilarious thing to witness.

Watching someone else trip up can give us a giggle at the darkest of times (just look at how popular America’s Funniest Home Video still is!), so here are 11 that we think will make your day.

Let’s look at these a**holes and laugh!

9. I’m gonna need you to define “exotic” for me.

I think you mean gross?

8. This guy needs to be canceled.

But hey, maybe it’ll work out for May. Who knows?

7. Next time get some self-confidence, how about that?

You trifling b**ch!

6. You can’t make this stuff up.

Actually, somebody did literally make this up. Shame on them.

5. I know what my pumpkin is going to look like next year!

Bravo Lady Gaga… bravo.

4. This is what the world has come to, folks.

At least she’s honest.

3. Welp, that took a turn.

I think she’s gonna win this round Nick.

2. Am I supposed to know who Joe is?

Need a Lyft?

1. We actually shouldn’t be laughing because it seems as if no one cares about this camel.

Why did they put him on the front?!?!

I’m still laughing, and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen these! It’s probably the third. Could be the fourth. Not quite sure. My memory is horrible.

But enough about me… what’s the biggest fail you can remember?

Do you want to share it with us?

Please do in the comments!