If there’s one thing that can be said about the people of Generation X, it’s that they are pretty misunderstood.

The Baby Boomers think they’re lazy. The Millennials think they’re losers. They can’t win!

But we’re here to let them sound off on Twitter because they deserve to be heard!

Here are some funny tweets about that very unique generation.

1. Ready for this.


2. I’ll be in front of the tube.

3. Been a long time coming.

4. Not how you pictured it.

5. Our time is NOW.


6. Nothing new.

7. Do nothing for days.

8. Had it all figured out.

9. Diamond Dave was a great role model.

10. This is pretty catchy.


11. The Cure to everything.


12. Mess with the bull, get the horns.

13. If you know, you know.


You gotta love those Gen X’ers!

Are you a member of Generation X? If so, do you think you’ve been given a raw deal and you get mocked WAYYYYY too much?

Talk to us in the comments!