Getting rejected can be tough. But getting rejected when there’s something mentally wrong with you? That can be downright debilitating. And it doesn’t matter what gender you are.

Still, these ladies seem to have taken their rejections a bit too personally, and now we have some stories to gasp at.

Buckle up because these tales from guys who rejected a woman’s advances are absolutely savage.

1. “I started getting calls from a blocked number on my cell phone at all hours.”

“I was working at a coffee shop and my manager took a liking to me. I was pretty oblivious as a) I wasn’t attracted to her in any way and b) I had a girlfriend at the time. Everyone working at the shop was pretty young, so we’d hang out sometimes. At our Christmas party, she tried to sit on my lap – I was VERY uncomfortable and left soon after.

Within weeks, I started getting calls from a blocked number on my cell phone at all hours. My girlfriend would get the same types of calls, though sometimes it would be a woman saying things like ‘He doesn’t love you, he’s going to break up with you.’

Eventually, she started getting emails to the same effect.

It was extremely creepy and it was only much later, after I was no longer working there, that I realized who was likely doing it – we figured she had gotten into my phone when I left it in the back room to get my girlfriend’s contact information.

The girlfriend and I did end up breaking up for unrelated reasons, but man, that was unhinged.”

2. “My housemates were stunned when they saw the scratch marks.”

“During my sophomore year of college, there was a girl I ran into from time-to-time. Every time we ran into each other, we’d exchange casual greetings and go our separate ways.

A mutual friend told me to be careful because she was really into me. I actually laughed it off because we’d never had an actual conversation and I didn’t even know her last name.

Big mistake.

One night, she showed up on my doorstep (wasted and wearing a short dress) and pounded on the front door until my housemate went and woke me up. I was half-asleep and she asked me to walk her back to her dorm. I protested, but she insisted that she didn’t feel safe and needed me to walk with her. I groggily walked her back to the other side of campus and when we got to her room, she darted in, told her roommate to leave, and invited me inside. I politely refused, and she got more aggressive and insistent.

I left the dorm and started heading back when she caught up to me and said she would walk me back to my place (guess she felt ‘safe’ now). Most of the trip was awkward silence, but towards the end, she started complaining about how cold it was.

At that point, I was mostly awake and really annoyed, so I told her she was acting crazy and needed to go to bed. She didn’t like that. It triggered something in her and I took a flailing punch to the face, followed by scratching of my cheeks, neck, and chest.

She was a small girl and after the initial shock, it was pretty easy to catch her wrists and restrain her. I asked her what she was doing and she just laughed.

I let her go, walked quickly to my front door, and as I was closing it I heard her asking if I was going to invite her in. After I closed my door, she stood out there for a good five minutes before leaving.

My housemates were stunned when they saw the scratch marks.

It looked like a cat had attacked me. Especially around the neck area, there was bleeding and a piece of torn skin dangling. It was such a surprise attack, it didn’t hurt when she actually did it. I cleaned my wounds and went to bed. I honestly don’t know what to make of it to this day. I’ve never met anyone like her since. The thought of reporting her did go through my head the next day.

Her roommate’s testimony would’ve helped since she saw me refuse the invitation inside and leave, but ultimately I decided it was too much of a gamble. I considered myself fortunate to only have scratches to show for the ordeal and put it to rest in my mind.”

3. “So she did what any natural girl would do, and stabbed me with a butter knife…”

“Ever have someone you were really into, but the timing never worked out? Well, there was a girl I met in college who was like this. We met in chemistry, but I still had my high school girlfriend.

By the time our Thanksgiving breakup came, she had a boyfriend.

We ended up studying abroad together. I remember sitting in the pool flinging her around, teaching her to tango, and smoking in the desert. Ironically enough, we lived next to each other the next year.

One thing led to another, we slept together, and it was great. I, however, became the swarthy pr#ck that I am today and decided to keep playing the field, while she wanted a relationship.

So she did what any natural girl would do, and stabbed me with a butter knife, which caused a nice arm wound.

But the best and worst part was every time she saw me she would say, ‘eff you OOO YEA’ then lick her lips at me, which left me with mega blue ball$ the rest of the day.”

4. “Then one night she showed up at Kmart wearing a big overcoat with nothing on under it.”

“When I was in high school this girl had a major crush on me and decided to write me a note one day. She had someone give me the note and it was just going on and on about how she is in love with me and all that.

I honestly thought the girl was attractive. She was weird but kind of ’90s short hair alternative cute. She was two grades below me but I went up and introduced myself and we became friends. She confided in me one day that she had never kissed anyone and I said I would show her, so we made out for a little while at a friend’s house and things were fun.

Then things turned.

The next day she asked me out and I said that I thought we were good friends but I didn’t think going out is a good idea. After I told her that she burst into tears…like full on uncontrollable sobbing in the lunchroom. I felt really bad because I wasn’t a guy who had ever had to turn a girl down, I wasn’t some ladies man, and I had been where she was and I felt terrible.

The next few days were cry filled calls begging me to date her.

That we were perfect together. I worked at Kmart at the time and she would call my work crying. Then she called my house when I wasn’t home and talked to my mother. And my brother. And my stepfather. Then she started calling my friends and asking them to convince me. Then one night she showed up at Kmart wearing a big overcoat with nothing on under it.

She had started getting very overly intimate in the sobbing phone calls saying she wanted me to take her v-card and just getting very graphic. She wanted me to bang her at work in the parking lot when I got off.

I declined.

Then in her calls, she was saying she wants to have a family with me and what our kids would look like and it was starting to get a little bizarre. I began thinking something is not right about this. Maybe she had mental issues. Her mother eventually got in contact with my mother and asked her why I was harassing her daughter. My mother laughed and jokingly said ‘my son is terrified of your daughter!’ And told her that she legit called 10 times a night. Apparently she had her mom convinced I was the one going after her.

Then one day the calls stopped over the summer. No more random visits at work.

It turns out she was having some kind of psychotic breakdown. She had made a ‘shrine’ to me in her closet with pictures of me and articles of my clothes she somehow got. The breaking point was she had been taken advantage of by a much older man when she told him that I didn’t like her because she wasn’t experienced enough.

She went away to a hospital and I didn’t see her for years.

Fast forward three years and I was at a club and these group of hot chicks walked into the bar area and there she was with them. And she was GORGEOUS! I didn’t know if I should talk to her because I was the cause of her breakdown, so I just took my drink and sat across the room. She was way out of my league now. And her friends were equally beautiful.

She spotted me about a half hour after walking in and made her way over to me. She was nice and wasn’t weird at all. We talked for a while and she told me she went to live with an uncle in New York when she got out of the hospital. Her uncle worked as an assistant to some famous photographer and he ‘discovered’ her and she started working as a model while living in NYC and going to school. Her friends were also models and they were her roommates and had come with her to meet her family on vacation.

Turns out she ended up much better off then I did.

I still talk to her on Facebook from time to time. She is now a mom with two kids and a cool little family.”

5. “her intention was to write me an email about how much she liked me (bull).”

“I dated a girl for a couple weeks and on our third date, we chilled at my place and talked. She told me that she thought men who watch adult films were disgusting and if they were in a relationship, it was cheating.

Ten minutes later, she out of nowhere asked to use my computer.

I knew the last thing I had open was not going to impress her, so I said maybe some other time. She got WAY too angry at this and said her intention was to write me an email about how much she liked me (bull).

When I said I thought it would be best to call it a night and drove her home, she went quiet until about halfway there when she says ‘My Dad’s best friend is a cop. I can say what I want.’ I got the gist but figured it was an attempt to make me reconsider. I dropped her off and she started crying very loudly, fell down in her parent’s driveway and crawled to the front door.

Sure enough, next day I was arrested for ‘violating her’ and it took a week for her to admit she made it up, but the charges weren’t dropped for seven months.”

6. “They proceeded to ask me things like if I thought I was too good for their baby sister…”

“During my freshman year of high school, there was a girl I didn’t really know who came up to me and said I was cute and that I should go out with her.

My initial impression was that she was cute, but that I wasn’t really interested in dating at the time and I didn’t really know her well enough to want to date her, so I politely declined. She seemed to take it well enough and we both went about our day.

The next morning I walked up to my locker where her three older brothers were all standing around my locker giving me a death glare. Not knowing who these guys were I asked if I could get to my locker and they surrounded me. They proceeded to ask me things like if I thought I was too good for their baby sister and what my problem was.

I guess they were sent by her to intimidate me into dating her or something because they said I would be given a second chance to make the right decision. I politely declined again (though this time definitely afraid of a beating) but they just called me a wuss and went about their day.

Such a bizarre day.”

7. “The floor itself had crawlspace underneath…”

“There was this girl that used to hang with most of my friends, and there were a few occasions when she got wasted and came at me with aroused fury. The worst event happened when we were all at my house drinking. At first, she was just being flirtatious, but the more she drank the louder and more obnoxious her advances became, to the point where she was just repeating, ‘Let me go down on you.’

My strategy was to laugh and brush it off, hoping not to agitate whatever primal instincts were fueling that flame in her loins.

Eventually, she got up from the couch, gave me this sort of determined look, said something like, ‘I’m just gonna suck it,’ then started rushing over to me when she slipped and straight face-planted on the hardwood floor. The floor itself had crawlspace underneath, so her fall reverberated like a bag of bricks just got dropped. While everyone was pointing and laughing, I went and hid in my room, and for the next hour or so could hear her wandering around looking for me yelling.

She eventually left, and from what I’ve seen on her Facebook it looks like she quit drinking and is doing better today.”

8. “Oh ok, this is some joke clearly.”

“I had an interesting start my freshman year of college. I was pretty lonely overall, so I made it my goal to talk to five people each day. Just random people out and about, and boy did I suffer for this.

I met a girl who was gorgeous (like way out of my league like I’m playing tee-ball and she is in major league).

Anyway she was awesome and we started chatting and I got her number. Then she started seducing me….with money. It worked. It worked really well. She was like, ‘I’ll let you use my second car 24/7,’ (no car at the time that’s awesome) or ‘You can live with me,'(I can leave my cr*ppy dorm, heck yeah!)

Then when we started talking about intimacy, she got really weird.

She wanted to get it on 24/7 and I was immediately thrown off like ‘Oh ok, this is some joke clearly. Hahaha you can stop now. I’m embarrassed enough,’ but she kept talking about different crazy things she wanted to do (they were also awesome but given how soon we met and how forthcoming it was, everything was just off). In the middle of our talk, she sent a message saying ‘I miss my mom and sister.’ Uhhhhhhh what? Apparently, she lost her mom and sister in a car accident like a month earlier.

Rough news right? Yeah, it is, especially hearing that when your an hour into a heated conversation. She started bringing this stuff up more like ‘we can do each other’s hair like me and my sister used to.’ At this point, I’d try to be nice like, ‘Oh yes that sounds fun. I’d be happy to make you remember your sister.’ Then she started saying stuff about kids. Yes. Kids. Like. Our kids. We had talked for like a week so this was like a no-no for me especially after she talked about all the things we’d do including ‘me not having to wear protection.’

I see why now.

So slowly but surely I just dropped the ball on how I wasn’t interested. Because of recent and possibly longer past events, this girl was a little psycho. I couldn’t blame her because she had gone through some terrible stuff. BUT I’LL TELL YOU I DIDN’T EXPECT HER TO BLACKMAIL ME WITH PICTURES OF MY JUNK! This girl sends me back a pic of my junk I sent over Snapchat.

But she sent it to me with a text ‘don’t want this to fall into anyone’s hands do you?’ At the time I was a new freshman at a big school where things like frats were important, but this girl straight couldn’t take rejection.

She ended up mass messaging me daily with little threats and then little things to seduce me. It would go from ‘I’ll send a pic of your face and a pic of your junk to your family and to your teachers,’ to ‘If you stay with me I’ll take you on a vacation to Milan for spring.’ Luckily I was able to get out of it when she found a new victim. Basically, she ended up going from like ‘hey I want you’ to ‘hey look at me with other dudes having fun.’ I was just trying to stay away at that point.

Not trying to stir the pot when my personal pictures are in that pot.”

9. “She had a positive test in hand and everything.”

“I went on one very low-key date – that she asked me on – and let her know as gently as possible that I wasn’t feeling it. This chick just pulled all sorts of shenanigans.

Showing up at random places where I was, pretending it was a coincidence. Calls from different numbers. Making F*ke social media accounts to not only try to contact me but also to befriend my friends. Suicide/cutting threats. Made up friends and relatives dying. Posting photos of me, unaware she was nearby. Made up boyfriends to try to elicit jealousy. Even a F*ke pregnancy scare from one of said F*ke boyfriends. Really didn’t understand how she thought that one was going to sway my opinion.

This sort of cr*p went on for a while until I moved away for unrelated reasons.

This was many years ago now and I can’t even remember her name. I hope she has forgotten mine as well. Another woman pulled the ‘I’m pregnant’ card on me after a breakup.

She had a positive test in hand and everything. I drove her to a clinic for a professional test. She wasn’t pregnant, of course, but what a cr*ppy tactic.”

10. “This is the scenario every guy dreads.”

“She was overly cheery, kind of a princess type, not used to being told no. We’ll call her Princess. So at a college party at my buddy’s apartment, she was coming onto me. I was not interested in her as I was much more interested in another girl who was discussing the merits of how taxation is a form of theft with the circle of people playing cards.

We’ll call her Porcupine.

Well, after trying to ignore Princess for 25 minutes, Princess decided I was playing hard to get. She ‘accidentally’ spilled her drink on me and offered to help me dry off. I declined and asked my buddy if I could go grab a shirt from his room.

I went into his room to grab a shirt and I guess she followed me because she wrapped her hands around me from behind and started feeling me up. I slipped out and told her to get away from me. But she wasn’t having it and blocked the door. She then said if I tried to push past her she’d tell everyone I attacked her and who were they going to believe?

This is the scenario every guy dreads.

Because she was right. If she claimed I attacked her, there was no way they’d believe me, an introverted, computer major guy over a pretty, popular, social butterfly half my size. Thankfully Porcupine had come looking for me as it was my turn and what was taking me so long to change a shirt. She overheard it and told Princess to get out of the room. Which begrudgingly she did.

I, believing Porcupine was looking for me for more than cards, made a move. Porcupine plays for the other team, and so I made a complete fool out of myself in front of her.

Thankfully she took it well, politely rejected me, and told me her girlfriend would be upset with her. We went back to playing cards and my face was red as a coke can.”

11. “she told me she was going to go hook up with a dude she knew I hated…”

“To be fair, I was totally into the girl at first, so my rejection might have stung a little more. We were friends with benefits, and she was legitimately attractive. But as time went on, I learned more and more about her that made me not want to be with her. Hook up with her, sure, but not like, build a life together.

So when she made the move for more, and I said no, she told me she was going to go hook up with a dude she knew I hated, film it, and send it to me.

And she did just that.

They’re married now and even have kids together. So, I mean, good on them I guess.”

12. “Emily purposely gave me the wrong information.”

“I knew this one girl for about four months, let’s call her Emily. Emily was in my Biology class, and it all started when she randomly told me that she had a huge crush on me and wanted to go out. I was flattered, but I didn’t want to be in a relationship, so I politely rejected her offer but asked her if we can still be friends.

She said yes.

Three weeks before my Biology final, I tore my meniscus and had to miss three weeks worth of classes on account of the surgery and excruciating pain. I couldn’t even walk. I asked Emily for some help. A couple of days before the final Emily tutored me for hours and I profusely thanked her for her help.

So going into the final I was calm, cool, and collected. But when the professor gave me the final and I look at it, my heart sank. Nothing that I learned was on the final. I was outraged. Emily purposely gave me the wrong information. A week later we get our results, and I failed while Emily aced it.

I failed the class and thus had to retake it.”

13. “The next morning I had two slashed tires.”

“My girlfriend was really hinting that she wanted to get married. I didn’t and was clear on that.

She broke it off right before I went to visit my parents for about a week. I was a bit bummed out on the way home and a couple of days after, then she called and said she wanted to talk when I got back.

By then, I had the feeling she would want to get back together but only if we got engaged or married. And that’s exactly what happened. When I got back, she acted like everything was fine and started talking about us getting serious.

After that, we sat down and I told her it was over. She turned suicidal and she even ran to the kitchen and got a knife and threatened to slit her wrists. I pulled the knife away after getting cut myself and locked her in my bathroom where nothing sharp was there and called her parents.

The next morning, I woke up to 30 texts and five missed calls, but I decided to ignore them.

It escalated to 40 a day and 20 missed calls for about a week. Then there were notes in my car. Then a friend of hers started coming to my house to talk to me and say what went wrong and apologizing for her.

I told her I would not get back together with her. When that didn’t happen she sent two male friends of hers to beat me up, luckily my friends were in my apartment and they backed off.

The next morning I had two slashed tires.

I almost missed a job interview. She would stalk me by staying at a cafe across the street from my place for hours, monitoring who came in and who came out and what time. The final straw was when, after about three months, I had started dating a girl and we went to my apartment to chill. I got a call about an hour in. It was a friend of mine saying that he got a call from my ex saying that the girl with the brown hair and red blouse was too ugly for me and she wanted to mess her up.

I ended up changing my car, apartment, cell phone, emails, and after that, I haven’t heard from her since.”

Ladies, the F*ke pregnancy thing never works.

If you’re thinking of doing that, just don’t.

That’s a horrible thing to do.

Thank you.