Nearly everybody can point to at least one teacher who made a huge, positive impact on their lives. We can also generally point to at least one who just plain sucked. But there’s no getting around it; the complex relationship between student and teacher is fascinating, frustrating, and undeniably meme-worthy.

Here’s a lucky thirteen set of memes for anyone who’s had the good fortune to go to school and learn them a thing or two.

13. Appearances can be deceiving

You fool, this isn’t even my final form!

12. The law of non-contradiction

Don’t waste your money on too many textbooks.

11. Barely missed the point

The saddest thing about this meme is that somebody stole all its pixels.

10. The times they are a’changing

I have yet to encounter a math emergency, thank you.

9. The wonders of technology

If the teacher needs to use a projector, that’s basically the whole class.

8. Episode 1: The Phantom Grades

Let’s try begging, that’s a good trick.

7. Google U

Why are you even at a school?

6. You expect me to read?

I feel like this should be on most teachers’ headstones.

5. The future’s yours!

And it’s not looking great, so, good luck with that.

4. The walk of shame

I taught you, but I’m not in class with you.

3. Question everything

Philosophers still can’t find the answer to “who’s gonna hire a philosopher?”

2. Skip the first day

You don’t need a whole period to learn you don’t like any of these people.

1. Parent-teacher non-frences

Anonymity is key.

Jokes aside, if you have/had a teacher who made a big difference in your life, maybe drop ’em a line today. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Who was your best/worst teacher?

Tell us in the comments.