There are some days that just need a little brightening—if you turn to the internet to deliver, well, we think these 13 memes will be right up your alley.

Why not take a break, sip your coffee, and give them a scroll?


12. It’s always a good time for a nice pun.

11. Well it was nice being friends with you, though.

10. The expressions on their faces just make me laugh.

9. It’s all fun and games until you lose him in the lights.

8. People are just too much sometimes. All the way around.

7. This is the most pure thing I’ve ever seen.

6. He is never going to live down this picture.

5. We all feel sorry for Jose. But we’re also laughing.

4. This literally made me snort out loud.

3. Why would anyone change option A, ever?

2. Life-ing is hard, y’all. Do it in stages.

1. I mean two out of three isn’t bad.

I think my tension headache just went away!

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