They say “Don’t let your memes be dreams.”

What does that mean? No idea.

But I look at memes so much that I do sometimes dream about them, so maybe it’s a warning. A warning not to spend so much of my time on dumb internet stuff. Listen, nobody can tell me what to do, so I’m going to keep collecting and sharing memes, because I’m reasonably certain they’re going to be currency soon.

Here’s some particularly valuable ones for the vault:

13. The first step is envisioning it

12. Hotter than my shower karaoke

11. But can they do it in bed?

10. Other dads fear him

9. Binge-waking

8. The defining moment of a generation

7. Came to chill

6. So controversial, so brave

5. Now legal in all 50 states

4. It’s a pretty great vicious cycle

3. Both with express delivery

2. Pull your 2 pounds of weight, pupper

1. Since childhood…

Ah, that’s the good stuff. I may not be rich in money, or friends, but I am very VERY rich in memes.

What are the memes of your dreams?

Don’t be afraid to share in the comments.