There’s really no point to memes except they make people happy, and they bring us together – and really, what could be more noble than that?

If you think about them that way, I’m doing you quite the service, dumping these 13 day-brightening images into your lap. So…you’re welcome!

13. Isn’t anxiety grand?

Don’t answer that.

12. These are the problems of my people.

Human bodies are the weirdest, y’all.

11. Yes, I would like a word.

And also…ticks? Please explain.

10. It really is a blessing and a curse.

But I’m not giving it up anytime soon.

9. Cats always know just how to pose.

I think they do it on purpose to prove they’er superior.

8. Oh but also those trucks that are starting to drive around with booze and tacos.

Those are a really winner.

7. I just can’t stop staring at this.

There are a few possibilities here…

6. Truer words have never been said.

Never trust someone who says they like exercising more than pasta.

5. This picture makes me kind of sad, though.

Like, that cat needs a warm lap!

4. What’s the worst is when you’re still trying to sleep and you suddenly hear birds.

And you know they’re not nighttime birds.

3. Way too relatable!

The way you hold your breath when a butterfly might land on you…

2. And then the day comes when you can’t get up.

Not that I would know from very recent experience.

1. This blows my mind every time.

And we all need a little of that vibe every day, right?

I can’t decide which of these is hitting me just right this morning.

Which one really did it for you? Let’s debate in the comments!