The internet is full of memes. It can be hard to be sure which ones are worth your time – and might make you laugh – and which ones you’d be fine if you scrolled past and never saw again.

We’re here to help, though, and we think these 13 memes are ones you won’t want to miss!

13. None of this is okay.

12. I will always reblog.

11. Why would you say that to me?

10. Y’all, I cannot with this.

9. Every day is a good day for a pun.

8. Where’s my money?

7. So say we all.

6. Think of the fish!

5. Some days that’s a big win.

4. I’m going to steal this for a book.

3. It’s just to cover their butts, right?

2. Damn, those iPhone cameras make everything look good.

1. May it live long and prosper.

I’m sure glad I scrolled through all of these, are you?

Post your favorite memes in the comments!