We’ve got some good memes for you today. Ordinarily, these memes would cost a pretty penny, but because we’re feeling generous, we’re going to pass them all along to you for absolutely free. Act now. This is a limited time offer. You can’t afford NOT to scroll, if you think about it.

Here are thirteen free and random memes that we’re sure you’ll agree are the deal of a lifetime.

13. Bear with me, now

Both of these absolutely rock.

12. Brutal honesty

Sorry could you turn it down a bit? I’m trying to talk here.

11. What it boils down to

Go ahead and feed what’s left to bills aaaaaand it’s gone.

10. Wedded hiss

They look like some kind of cursed Victorian couple.

9. Eat up

I’m not the boss of me.

8. Decisions, decisions

It’s the perfect way to stave off execution indefinitely.

7. Time to bite

When you’re getting ready for that succ.

6. I swear it’s knot

Please stay back, my breath definitely bites.

5. I suppose

Aaaaand we can no longer speak to each other.

4. Coked up

You mean you don’t like our Caffeine Free Diet Vanilla Chocolate Cherry Pumpkin Gasoline Fusion Zero?

3. Killer clowns

We all float down here…

2. Get the message?

How can I be expected to work under…conditions.

1. High hopes

There I go again, planting traps for myself.

All that value at no cost. What can we say except you’re welcome. We’re true humanitarians.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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