We all have moments when we see a meme that is “literally us.” This particular collection is apparently a little more relatable to women, but I gotta say, as a person who is thoroughly not that, I sure do still see myself a lot in these wonderful pieces of internet.

No matter who you are, we think you’ll enjoy these 13 funny tidbits from the world of memes.

13. Burrito baby

A few centuries ago this would have been a respected sign of status and affluence.

12. On again, off again

Gotta play it cool even though you both know what’s up.

11. Growing older

This puts “delete my browser history” in a whole new light.

10. A rock and a hard place

This is a false dichotomy and I won’t stand for it.

9. Periodic habits

Ok but why do you have antlers lol

8. Blackout

Does drinking involve alcohol?

7. Flatten the curve

Psh. It’s over already, don’t lie.

6. Juice on the loose

I’m overdrawn and it’s absolutely worth it.

5. *flop*

Ain’t no big thing.

4. Forever 109

Ma’am, I know I’m technically in your store, but could you please get off my lawn?

3. Love me tenders

It’s cheaper and more fun.

2. Cat fight

Oh boy, which of the super rich ladies will say the meaner thing? The stakes have never been higher.

1. Never give up

Never surrender.

These memes are most of us. They contain our souls. They sit in an attic and age while we maintain our youth eternal. Wait, sorry, I’m thinking of a book. Anyway the point is, those were funny.

Which one speaks to your spirit the most?

Tell us in the comments.