Of all the digs I’ve ever received, I definitely didn’t dig most of them. It’s hard to dig a dig when the digger did a dig at you and that dig dug deep. Or, translated back into English; sick burns are fun, but not so much when they’re at your expense. Take this example from playwright and TV writer/producer Lisa McGee:

Turns out, Lisa’s not alone. At all. Over 1,000 replies came in with people contributing their own stories of sly digs that have stuck with them over the years and they are BRUTAL. Check out just 10 of the most prominent examples here.

13. Politically incorrect

Was this person from Victorian England?

12. A class act

Good to know we’re worth so much in the eyes of others.

11. Cheers, big nose

Gee. Thanks. I appreciate that.

10. The plain truth

Is this what the kids call “negging?”

9. Consolation prize

What one has the other clearly lacks.

8. Two birds, one stone

This is some Mean Girls level stuff.

7. No reason

Is my attractiveness really such a mystery?

6. A fitting remark

You’d be lethal if you kept up those burns.

5. A true trailblazer

Do you have the courage to have dumb hair?

4. Picture this

I guess it really and truly was her day.

3. “Darling”

No, it’s Becky.

2. Mansplaining world championship

Dude, she can hear you.

1. Utterly brutal

I’m speechless on this one. I’ve got no words.

How DAMN it’s amazing just how deep a dig can go. Be careful what you say to each other, it might matter a whole lot.

Do you have a story like this?

Tell us about it in the comments, ya dig?