We all have our airheaded moments, but the things you’re about to see can be classified as EPIC FAILS.

Funny for us, embarrassing for them = A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Let’s review these posts and you should be prepared to shake your damn head.

1. C’mon…

But how???? from stupidpeoplefacebook

2. She’s my angle, too…

Angel? from BoneAppleTea

3. Almost got me!

From r/Holup from facepalm

4. Math. That’s why.

Because Math from facepalm

5. Pretty bright.

These Are The Same People Who Tell You to Read A Biology Book from facepalm

6. Where could they be?

Where the f*ck are they??!! from facepalm

7. Family debate.

Photo Credit: Facebook

8. Love a good roast history chicken.

9. It really is…

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Oh boy…

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. The future is looking really bright.

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. What this guy said.

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Okay, that’s enough.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Hahahaha. Get a load of those dummies!

But those are just the dummies we could find. There are A LOT more out there, right?

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