We all have our airheaded moments, but the things you’re about to see can be classified as EPIC FAILS.

Funny for us, embarrassing for them = A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Let’s review these posts and you should be prepared to shake your damn head.

1. C’mon…

[deleted by user]
by instupidpeoplefacebook

2. She’s my angle, too…

byu/DisrespectfulAnt inBoneAppleTea

3. Almost got me!

From r/Holup
byu/Sejiro_Hiko infacepalm

4. Math. That’s why.

Because Math
byu/DasannTittle infacepalm

5. Pretty bright.

These Are The Same People Who Tell You to Read A Biology Book
byu/cangetenough infacepalm

6. Where could they be?

Where the fuck are they??!!
byu/diablek infacepalm

7. Family debate.

Photo Credit: Facebook

8. Love a good roast history chicken.

9. It really is…

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Oh boy…

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. The future is looking really bright.

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. What this guy said.

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Okay, that’s enough.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Hahahaha. Get a load of those dummies!

But those are just the dummies we could find. There are A LOT more out there, right?

Let us know in the comments!