Dating apps are weird. Even the fact that I can just casually throw out the term “dating app” is kinda weird.

When I was coming of the age where dating was becoming a real possibility, “dating app” would have been absolute gibberish, and I’m not even that old that.

Now we live in a world where we try to connect half for the purpose of actually dating and half for the sport of reeling in weird conversations to screenshot and share on Reddit.

What a time to be alive. Let’s peer into the flirting lives of others, shall we?

13. Power plays

I really hope you’re doing that AND flirting on Tinder on company time.

12. Smooth moves

Now that’s how you slide into someone’s DMs.

11. Step up

When you’re not sure if you’re just playing up a meme or being a real creep.

10. Count on it

Are dad jokes the new flirting?

9. Emergency measures

Still, it’s pretty stylin’.

8. What’s your angle?

They make really good points, and that determines a heck of a line.

7. Test failed

Sorry, the moon said no.

6. Technically speaking

These two are really hitting it off.

5. Do the math

He’s right, you know.

4. The impossible choice

Why are you on this app and why did you match with me?

3. Tell me why

A fun game I like to play is yelling this line in the middle of different songs.

2. Burn units

That’s enough hot fire for now.

1. Sound the alarm!

Such a shame when they don’t get it.

This almost makes me wanna get back on Tinder. Almost.

Do you have any dating app misadventures?

Tell us about them in the comments.