This year has been a bit of a sh^t show for humanity and the world, but, hey, we got some great tweets out of the deal, didn’t we?!?!

You bet we did!

Here are 10 tweets that we think are totally hilarious and on-point. They might make you think. They’ll probably make you laugh. And we hope they don’t make you crap your pants. Because that would be seriously weird.

Enjoy, my dudes!

1. A little pep talk.

I gotta get those cheetos, tho! True dat!

2. That’s kind of gross.

But at least this person is getting an awesome workout!

3. Never a good idea.

But it’s what we do, so let’s keep doing it!

4. You think so?

Haha… Twitter is SUCH a weird place.

5. This could get ugly.

Now she’ll have to drive you there and you will DEFINITELY not hear the end of this!

6. A tragic situation.

That’s some seriously touching poetry.


“Yeah, but I mean… I could fix him, right?”

8. I’m not manic, I promise.

9. It’s never happened. Ever.

Okay, well, I’ve been good. But not well.

10. Bad, bad baby.

You can almost tell this kids future, right?

We know we can’t squeeze ALL the great tweets into one article, so we need your help. Are you ready to hear how you can do your part for humanity?

Okay, here goes! Share some of your favorite tweets in the comments with us! Let’s see what ya got!

See, that wasn’t that hard! All you have to do is share. So do that!