Reddit is great for a lot of things, especially advice. And there are actually quite a few parents out there that just want to make sure that teenagers know they’re not alone.

The question asked was this: Parents of reddit, what’s something that you think teenagers need to hear?

If you’re a teenager or a parent, take a read. There’s some great advice in here.

1. Social media tips

If social media makes you feel sh^tty, just stop.

It makes everyone feel sh^tty — even the people whose lives seem so much better and glamorous than yours. Chances are, they’re posting that stuff to not feel sh^tty too.

Remember, everyone is posting their Greatest Hits. Remember, everybody p*ops — even the girl posting glam pics from Greece, she probably p*oped right before or after the pic. Point is, don’t get wrapped up in that.

Take a month or two break from social media and see how you feel.

2. College dayzzz…

You don’t HAVE to go to college. And you also don’t have to NOT go if you don’t know what to do with your life. You’ll figure it out, maybe get inspired by your classes.

And, as long as it will not launch you into a huge debt, it IS ok to Major in something you might not end up getting a career in. (To an extent).

College is more than career training. It’s a much bigger learning experience about… everything! People, the world, yourself. Don’t dig a debt, work very hard, have lots of fun, and try to keep your eyes on a career path, but also absorb everything like a sponge.

3. High school really isn’t a big deal

I hated when people told me, “you won’t even miss high school when you’re older.”

I did, for a little bit. And now, I really don’t.

As important as it is as a state of your pre-adulthood, in the big scheme of things, it’s just a tiny chapter. So don’t get hung up on the mistakes you made or the drama you had.

Appreciate the experience for what it gave you, and move on.

4. No phones when driving. Seriously.

Please put your phone away in the car. Even at stoplights. Just wait until you arrive. You may be super used to it, but it only takes one second of inattention to become potentially fatal.

Someone just died in my neighborhood for this very reason.

Sending a snap.

It can wait.

5. Money, money, money

Teach yourself personal finance basics.

Your school and maybe parents probably neglected this, if times haven’t changed all that much. But… The internet is wonderful! You can teach yourself. Take an edX or Kahn or iTunesU course. Learn the basics and start saving. Really truly understand student loans before taking them.

And save. Saving sounds like something you have plenty of time for later… when you make more money… but tomorrow never comes. Learn and save now.

6. Drama

Your emotions won’t be this intense forever. But they are real and valid.

My parents always invalidated my feelings — too dramatic, it’s just your hormones, you’ll grow out of it, you don’t know how good you have it — while on some base level they possibly were right, it didn’t mean my feelings weren’t real and intense in that moment.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel. But don’t wallow or feed the Depression Kitty.

It DOES get better.

7. Those pesky social skills…

There’s nothing wrong with not liking to talk to people as long as you’re friendly.

Don’t force yourself to be talkative just because others want you to be. You’ll still need to learn social skills like gauging trustworthiness, effective communication, and helpfulness.

However, you don’t need to force yourself to be talkative to be socially adept; you just have to be mindful.

8. You’ll always be our child…

That we miss you & we actually want to spend time with you, not because of how you were (our little boy/girl) but because we are in awe of who you are and want to get to know you better. So you know we love you unconditionally but also that it’s ok and fun to hang out sometimes.

Soon you’ll be leaving home, time passes quickly, and we want to create as many good memories as we can for you so you can use them for when the world is not so kind and I’m not around to give you a hug.

You’re amazing, you’ve always been and I know your life will be filled with ups and downs but I hope the love we share reminds you that you’ll always have a soft spot to land

9. Making babies…

Just because you pop out a baby doesn’t mean it’ll keep your SO around and at times it’ll make them break up with you. To that part, just because you have the kid doesn’t mean it’ll unconditionally love you, especially when you’re a sh^tty parent.

These are things my idiotic friends had made when we were young, choosing to get knocked up at a wrong time in life has shaken lives to rubble at points.

10. Take care of your health

Build good health habits now. If you’re not already active, find a simple active hobby you can do.

Take up Pokemon Go or take up bike riding or something. Also, learn how to cook some basic and healthy meals like chicken pesto pasta or fried rice.

The healthier you are as a teen the easier it is to stay healthy as an adult.

11. Rebel, rebel…

Go ahead and be rebellious, it’s part of growing up.

But please be safe while you are doing it! Use the condom, don’t depend on your date for transportation until you know them, tell someone where you are so we know how to get to you in an emergency, keep your phone charged, ask for help if needed.

12. The social scene…

None of social-structure/drama sh^t is going to matter once you’re out of school so don’t worry about what others think.

You just do you.

13. Beer?

It’s completely legal for a teenager to buy all the equipment and ingredients to make beer.

Just saying.

My two cents… personal finance is huge. They more you save now, the more you’ll have down the road.

Money won’t buy happiness, but it can sure buy a lot of therapy. And everybody needs somebody to talk to now and then.