You know that awkward moment when you know someone is lying, and they probably know you know they’re lying, but no one says anything because it’s just so dumb?

These 13 people definitely found themselves in that situation, and the secondhand awkward is super strong.

Please enjoy.

13. Honestly you want men to be a little afraid of you.

But lmk when you actually do this and don’t just fantasize about it mmkay?

[deleted by user]
by inthatHappened

12. Guys what are we even supposed to do with this.

Who on earth would think anyone would believe that?

Ay yo wtf Bruh!!
byu/doggyonloose inthatHappened

11. Sell that dog to the circus, ma’am!

Or put him on suicide watch.

Sure, you’re dog got the bands behind their own head
byu/CryingInTheHallway inthatHappened

10. I can’t decide if this is more wrong or more sad.

It can be both, of course.

Found on Instagram
by inthatHappened

9. Ahhh the time-honored name drop.

This is super weird and no one is buying it, Paris.

this quarantine has my sister remembering things that never happened.. who knows maybe it did, she better let me meet Paris Hilton next time!!
byu/vaporwavebimbo inthatHappened

8. Every teacher ever can confirm the bullshit.

She knew exactly which three people could have instigated this the second the music started.

Truly a true masterpiece
byu/bigmothafukernibba inthatHappened

7. Bless her heart.

She thinks that’s a burn omg.

On a video about common fanfics
byu/sara939k inthatHappened

6. These people are living among us, y’all.

I guess kids don’t need sex ed anymore.

Found on a period tracker app. It’s f u l l of things like this.
byu/gopnik-chan inthatHappened

5. He cried and he ran? Really?

Also 40 pushups omg did he try out for American Gladiator?

And then everyone clapped and he cried and ran out and later I found out he quit his job
byu/mharden716 inthatHappened

4. Did George Costanza write this?

Also…a chocolate milk?

then everyone clapped
byu/vsyncti inthatHappened

3. That totally seems right.

Just give me some gallons of water, I’ll be fine.

He beat the rona in two days flat
byu/wowanotherlurkingacc inthatHappened

2. Literally aren’t enough hours in the day to do that, but okay.

Guy bends time to watch a serie (Takes around 30 hours min to watch 3seasons)
byu/Sweetenerera inthatHappened

1. Why even would you set this up?

And how are you cooking eggs with no butter or spray or whatever?

Confetti eggs: breakfast of champions
byu/graceleona inthatHappened

I’m secondhand embarrassed, y’all!

What’s your best story to add to this list? I know you’ve got one!