Rejection is never a great moment or a fond memory, but when people get together and start sharing their worst one, reflecting on your own could at least be a bit cathartic.

And it never hurts to know you’re not alone, right?

That’s why Eden Dranger asked the following on Twitter…

I hope sharing the misery brought some comfort to these 13 people, because their stories are downright cringe-worthy!

13. Yeah, that will never be funny.

12. She might still laugh when she thinks about it…if she ever does.

11. Information that would have been better to reveal beforehand: 101

10. That’s never going to fly, dude.

9. Good luck finding someone who does.

8. Two words you definitely hadn’t been waiting to hear.

7. I guess you know where you stand.

6. The definition of harsh.

5. There was some justice, at least.

4. Someone needs to work on their timing.

3. I’m going to say this was her loss.

2. Oh my god public humiliation to boot.

1. Why on earth would you say that out loud?

I’m dying from secondhand shame, even though some of these OTHER people should be the ones ashamed of themselves!

Do you have a story like this? I hope not, but if you do, we’re all ears in the comments!