There are times in life when being cautious is advisable, and other times when you’ve got to grab hold of a moment, shoot your shot, and let the chips fall where they may.

These 13 people took a deep breath and went for it, and have no regrets.

13. Okay so maybe some regrets.

12. It’s good to have goals.

11. You’ve gotta give it your best shot. But maybe not when you’re double-teamed next time.

10. When you gotta know you gotta know.

9. Gotta love a guy who does his homework!

8. I can’t believe that worked!

7. This makes me smile.

6. Well, you tried.

5. BOSS.

4. Try, try again I always say.

3. I would have died laughing so they would have gotten in.

2. I just got sympathy heart flutters.

1. I mean. I got nothing.

Take your shot, folks – you may only get one!